You might be researching or looking into more about selling on nuMONDAY.

In other words, trying to understand more about us as a company, for instance.

And, we thought we’d help you and provide you with up to date and, above all, accurate information about selling on nuMONDAY.


nuMONDAY launched in December 2016, in Glasgow, and we are still based in the Southside of the city.

At nuMONDAY, our ethos is to provide an affordable platform for creatives in the UK to sell online.

Because of our ethos, we offer the best valued marketplace in the UK for creatives to sell their work online.

We have a passionate team of 6 people, working with us, who have a passion for creative talent.

In addition to this, we are looking to double our team in the next 12 months (despite the current market environment).

In other words, we are in fantastic growth with customer orders and seller growth, and need to put in the support team to keep on providing a passionate and excellent service.

Growing our team is vital to ensuring we keep improving our platform on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important – running your business!

Some Quick FAQs

There’s lot’s of information out there online about nuMONDAY.

However, most of it is not accurate.

Because of this we thought we’d address some quick FAQ’s.

Who runs nuMONDAY?

We are made up of a team 6 people who are passionate about the creative industry within the UK.

When was nuMONDAY founded?

We were founded in December 2016 and launched with 35 sellers.

Where is nuMONDAY based?

As we’ve mentioned, we are based in Glasgow in the Southside of the city.

How much does it cost to sell on nuMONDAY?

We have three different subscription packages.

Our monthly plan is £5 per month, our 6 monthly plan is £25 per 6 months and our yearly plan is £45 per year.

In other words, the longer plan you take the better valued the package.

Our yearly plan is the equivalent of less than 13p per day and the equivalent of 12 months for the price of 9, for instance.

What are your fees?

You simply pay your subscription on a monthly, 6 monthly or yearly basis.

This dependent on the plan you have chosen, and is paid via a continuous card payment.

All our plans include zero commission fees, unlimited listings, and zero listing fees.

Is there a payment processing fee?
Yes, our secure payment provider applies a 1.4% + 20p payment processing fee on each transaction.

It’s worth noting that this payment processing fee is the same on other marketplaces or higher depending on their secure payment provider, for instance.

Do customers need to pay a subscription to shop on the site?
No, absolutely not.

In other words, they are free to shop as a guest or in addition create an account should they wish to.

Do you promote sellers on your platform?

Yes, just check out social feeds and stories to see the large amounts of daily advertising we do for our sellers, in addition to paid advertising.

Do you provide an Etsy import?

Yes, we can import your products from Etsy to your nuMONDAY shop, and, above all, it helps speed up listing with us.

Does the Etsy import cost money?

No, we do this for free.

Does it impact my Etsy shop?

Not at all.

For instance, it just copies the title, description and featured image from Etsy into your nuMONDAY shop for you to list.

Can I sell on other marketplaces?

Yes, we’d never limit you to just one place to sell your products.

In other words, you should sell on multiple platforms help maximise and grow your business.

Do I need to be a business to sell on nuMONDAY?

No, we have thousands of hobbyists who sell with us, in addition to registered businesses and sole traders.

Do I have my own shop space and link?

Yes, you will have your own shop space as well as nuMONDAY shop link to connect and promote on all of your social media pages, feeds and business cards, for instance.

Can I put my shop in holiday mode?

You can place your shop in vacation mode at anytime and disable the cart to stop people purchasing from your when you are not able to deliver orders, for instance.

Do you have a support team to help with queries?

Yes, our dedicated support team can be contacted via email at or on messenger via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, for instance.

In additon, we have a fantastic Help page with everything you need to get started listing and set up with us.

What can you sell on nuMONDAY?

Sellers can sell products either handmade or designed by you.

In other words, vintage products can only be sold if they have been recycled or up-cycled products into new products, for instance.

What is the traffic like on nuMONDAY?

We have hundreds of thousands of customer visits every month.

In addition, our customer group on Facebook has over 26,000 people within it for you to promote to on a daily basis.

Can customers leave reviews on nuMONDAY?

Yes, we introduced our review system in March 2020.

Therefore, this is still a new feature and we are building reviews on our site.

Final Say

We hope this has given you some quick insights in to us, and, above all, put to bed any false information your may have read online about our platform.

So, if you are still looking to find out more about selling with us then you can do so by clicking here.

In addition, do not forget to join our amazing community of over 26,000 people on our Facebook group.

You can join our group here or search “nuMONDAY Nation” on Facebook.

Our group is the perfect place to promote your shop, products and make customer requests on a daily basis.

In other words, above all, it allows you to build your brand, reputation, and sales within our community.

We hope this has been informative and if you have any questions then please reach out.

Finally, we look forward to welcoming you to our amazing community of creatives.