Adding variations to your products is a great way to save time when it comes to adding your items.

Many items come in different colours and sizes and having the ability to add one item with multiple options will save time over adding each item individually.

Step One

Change Product Type from Simple Product to Variable Product

Step Two

Go to the Attributes Tab > Select an Attribute > Tick used for Variations > Enter your Variations into the box

*You can add a new attribute by clicking “Add New” if it does not already exist.

Step Three

Go to the Variations Tab > Select “Create Variations from all Attributes

Step Four

Click Expand > Enter the price for each variation combination

*Tip: If all the variations have the same prices then you can go to go to the drop-down and select “Set Regular Prices.

Step Five

Add Product

It will also improve the customer experience and make it a smoother for your customers shopping your items.

The following tutorial video shows the basic steps to add variations to your items.