Twitter is a fantastic tool for selling and building your business on nuMONDAY.

Twitter might be a slowly declining social media channel but it is still very important for any business.

It does after all have 321 million active monthly users worldwide.  

So it should not be under estimated.

Twitter is very different to Facebook and Instagram when it comes to posting.

On Twitter you only have a certain amount of characters (letters) that you can use on each post and this limits what you can write on your posts.  

Twitter also allows hashtags just like Instagram.

But unlike Instagram we advise against using too many, and you should just use one or two related to your posts.  

Try to not use words that are used already in your Tweet as these are picked up in the Twitter search.

Twitter allows you to link your product and shops in posts.

On Twitter you want to be more conversational than you perhaps are on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Post Tweets asking what people’s favourite types of makes are.

Or what colour you should make your next make for example with a picture.  

Discussing the weather or what you are working on that day is always a winner on a platform like Twitter.  

It’s all about the conversation and ensuring you come across as authentic.  

You want your audience to think of you as a person and not a brand on Twitter.  

You will be surprised how many people will get involved with your conversation.  

Always reply to comments and Tweets in order to build your conversation.

Twitter allows you to directly share your shop links and product links onto the platform.

On nuMONDAY we have a Twitter sharing button on each product.

Using this will tweet the product link and your followers can then click the link and visit your shop or products.

Finally, you can follow nuMONDAY on Twitter at and remember to use the hashtag #numonday on all of your posts.