Pinterest is a fantastic tool for selling your products on nuMONDAY.

Pinterest has over 250 million active monthly users and is one of the most popular shopping social media channels in the world.  

Over 68% of users on Pinterest are women and half of them are mothers.

Pinterest came to market to enable people to create online collections of things that they love and that inspire them online.  

It took off as a place for tasty food recipes, gorgeous fashion and beautiful home decor ideas.  

It was almost like a dreamworld but is now filled with people collecting gift ideas and collections of their hobbies. 

Did you know Pinterest users are 79% more likely to purchase something that they find on Pinterest than on Facebook? 

It also produces four times the revenue per click of Twitter.

Those are powerful statistics.

And, they should make you think more about using Pinterest as a place to establish your brand.

What we personally like about Pinterest is people do not need to follow your brand.  

They can follow your individual boards instead.  

This allows you to create pins and boards that are unique and give you the freedom to let your brand flourish.

So how does Pinterest work we hear you asking? 

Pinterest allows you to “pin” your products onto boards for others to discover them.  

It is visually focussed and you want your product images to stand out.

Great photos are vital for Pinterest but so are fantastic titles and descriptions

You want your images to invite clicks and poor photography is not going to do that.

On nuMONDAY each product has a “Pin” button on the product listing for you to Pin to your Pinterest boards.

But the first thing you need to do is create a Pinterest business account so you can do this, which you can do via

You will want a business account over a normal account as it provides extra analytics.

Just like all other social media channels you will have your own profile.

You will be able to add your logo, about you and website to your profile.

Once you have set up on Pinterest, you will want to create new boards for you to Pin your products to.

You can rearrange your pins and boards to create a visual storefront.  

Say you have products that are a gift for a man.  

Simply create a new board and call it “Gifts for Him”.  

You can then go to your nuMONDAY shop and click on a product that is a gift for him and click the Pinterest button.  

This will then prompt you to choose the board “Gifts for Him” and then it will be pinned to your board.

Your pin is then available for your followers to see and anyone who searches “Gifts for Him”.

Pinterest is easily one of the most underused social media apps in the world by crafters and makers.  

It’s also one of the most powerful.

You can create large organic traffic with properly listed products that you have pinned.

Pinterest also has a worldwide audience.

This could lead you to create some of your first organic worldwide sales.

Creating boards regularly and updating your pinned products are essential for keeping it fresh.  

If you change a product link or remove a product then make sure you remove it from Pinterest.

You’ll want to keep your board fresh and have the relevant links for customers.

Finally, you can follow nuMONDAY on Pinterest here: