Packaging your products is just as important as listing your products on nuMONDAY.

This part of the process should not be understated.  

Being creative with packaging is really important for brand image.

Having a stamp of your logo on the packaging lets customers know who it is from and adds a little excitement.  

The packaging its self does not need to be overcomplicated or expensive.  

Recycled packaging is becoming more popular.

It helps the environment.

But remember to keep it looking professional.

And if you are using recycled packaging always leave a note in the package or on the package stating “made from recycled packaging”.  

This will explain why it might look a little old and bashed even though the products are absolutely fine.

Inside the packaging you may think about writing a letter that is personalised to the customer.

The letter could be thanking them for their purchase and hoping they enjoy it.  

Address the letter to them using their first name making it that little bit more personal.

Some other little tips are to include a discount code for the next time a customer makes a purchase with you.

This will encourage a repeat visit and further purchase from you in the future.

A little tip we love, is to ask them to take a photo of your product and tag you on Instagram.

When they do it you will then send them a discount code for their next purchase.  

This tactic will help with building your audience and brand to new people.

In other words, it will reach potential new customers across a different platform such as Instagram for example.

Finally, why not share you packaging tips with the rest of our community on Facebook in nuMONDAY Nation here.